Gain Muscle & Lost Fat The Natural Way with Hugo Rivera

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Thousands have now Discovered the Real Secrets
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Natural Bodybuilder and Best Selling Author
Reveals his Amazing Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Secrets

Hugo Rivera

Best Selling Author and
Natural Bodybuilder
Dear Friend,

My name is Hugo Rivera, and I am here to share my secrets on how to build enormous amounts of muscle mass without drugs while simultaneously losing pounds & pounds of body fat.

If you want enormous strength, rock hard, tightly defined muscles, a small waist, ripped abs, a massive back, a majestic chest, powerful biceps/triceps and legs, and the capacity to outperform your peers by an enormous margin, my system can make it happen faster than you ever though possible.

Will it be easy and take only 30 days ? No, because let me tell you up front my friend, anybody who tells you that gaining solid slabs of muscle and losing fat naturally is "easy" is a fraud. Any web site claiming to show you how to gain 30 lbs of muscle in 30 days is a scam, of that I promise you.

But what I can tell you with 100% confidence is that it's VERY doable if you have the information I have and the good news is, it doesn't matter if your overweight or stick thin, you will see amazing results that won't stop coming.

My system will pile mass on top of mass even after you have maxed out with traditional training techniques.

What's even better, unlike other systems, there is no more bulking up and trimming down. No more losing size to get cut.

You CAN gain muscle and lost fat simultaneously with my system. Using some unique dietary and training techniques, I will show you how to trick your body into releasing body fat and growing pounds and pounds of solid muscle.

This system will give you everything you need to know so that you can grow and lose fat at the same time and it won't have you living in the gym 3 hours a day, six days a week.

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me?

Watch My recent TV Appearances
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I'm a fully qualified ISSA trainer, and hold multiple natural bodybuilding competition titles, including a 4th placing at the NPC Team Universe, where only the elite champion natural bodybuilders from all over the country get to compete.

I've been featured in national and local television, (watch my most recent TV appearances on Studio 10 to the left) many magazines, and several radio shows, and have written articles for dozens of online and offline publications.

Through personal and online training, I've guided thousands of clients in their quest to gain massive slabs of lean muscle and now I'm releasing my entire body building program to you.

I am also a published best selling fitness author and have sold hundreds of thousands of books that can be found in any good bookstore (or online ones like on the topic of gaining muscle and losing fat.

Some of my best selling books As Seen Above.

Impresses me with His Vast Knowledge


I have known Hugo for over 5 years and followed his career in bodybuilding for even longer. He continues to impresses me on so many levels: from his vast knowledge in health and nutrition, to his easy to understandable delivery, his infectious motivation but also his personal adversities which he has overcome. He has emerged to become a leader in the industry. I am so proud to know him and I believe in him from the bottom of my heart.

Cory Everson
: Multi Olympia Winner

You Don't Have To Have Great Genetics To Build
An Amazing Physique with My Program.

A lot of guys you see around nowadays have great genetics, they can eat what they want, train poorly and still see results.

My story begins when I was a teenager that was seriously overweight (80 pounds plus to be accurate), and extremely unhappy with the way I looked. I had dreams of being fit and muscular one day, but everyone else would laugh at me telling me that I was always going to be fat forever. At 5 feet tall and 180 pounds, it seemed like an impossible goal to achieve.

I was not like that, I had lousy genetics and suffered eating disorders, I was over went from being 80 lbs overweight to the opposite extreme and suffered from anorexia but despite everything thrown in my way I achieved this physique.

I followed the 'Starve to Death' Diet

I followed the diet that most people that need to lose weight usually follow: the starve to death diet. The difference between most people and me was that most people usually quit their starvation diet within a week; I didn't.

Lost 90 lbs and became Anorexic

To make a long story short, I became anorexic and after a year I ended up weighing 90 lbs. My family, concerned about the situation decided to take me to a nutritionist that dealt with cases like this. This nutritionist told me something that completely changed my life: "Food will not make you fat; It is the abusive intake of the wrong kinds of food that will". That sentence made so much sense to me that I decided to slowly increase my food intake and follow the diet that she prescribed.

At that point in my life I became interested in the subject of nutrition, and began reading articles about the subject. One day, I began looking at the muscle magazines in the supermarket and saw a picture of the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. From that moment on, I knew exactly how I wanted to look. It was in that summer of 1990 that I began my bodybuilding journey.

Lost 30 Lbs of Fat and Gained muscle


Hi Hugo,
I just wanted to give you a little feedback on how your natural bodybuilding exercise/nutrition program has helped me. I started following your program in late February of (2002) and have lost approximately 30 pounds and added some significant size. My body fat percentage is now around 12.5%. I have a couple of recent photos that I took as part of a 30-day rapid-results fitness competition. I just submitted my photos and other information so I'm not sure how I did yet but following your program certainly helped me get the results I wanted. Here's the before and after pictures after 30 days. I'm now trying to get under 10% body fat and get some additional size. I'm even thinking about trying a competition for the over 40 crowd (I turn 40 next March). Just so you know, I'm 6'-3", 215 lbs.


I tried Every Supplement & Every Champion Routine

At that point, I began going to the nutrition store more frequently searching for answers in a bottle. I tried every single product you can imagine. I tried every single champion routine and noticed that I would only get marginal results. Frustrated and broke, I decided to stop reading and buying supplements and instead concentrate all my efforts into finding the answers myself by using the scientific method.

After all, in order for most champions' routines to work, you need to have a pharmacy of drugs running through your veins and supplements are just that; supplements. Nothing magical about them; absolutely nothing. Anabolic Steroids were never an option since after you stop using the drugs the size that you gained with them disappears as well (so what's the point?).

Determined to find the answers, I began by creating a routine and a diet , following it for six weeks and then writing down the results.

I repeated this process countless times. Some of my experiments failed miserably (like when I tried a super high volume routine with a 5000 calorie diet and hours of aerobics) but other experiments were extremely successful.

I finally Created the Perfect Bodybuilding System

So finally, after years of documentation and trial and error I have being able to put together a system that will yield consistent muscle mass gains week after week. The system works no matter who you are or what shape you are in and it is tailored towards your specific metabolism and goals. I named it Body Re-Engineering since you will literally be Re-Engineering the way you look.

Now, years later and 100 pounds of muscle heavier, I decided to share with everyone the way in which I accomplished this remarkable physique transformation, in the hope that you can feed from my knowledge and achieve the bodybuilding goals that you have as fast as humanly possible.

INTRODUCING The Body Re-Engineering Manual

I can honestly tell you that my system is quite possibly the most powerful method that any bodybuilder could ever get his hands on.

It is written in plain english (no fancy terminology) and in an easy to follow format. You'll get clear, concise information that would get you on your road to produce the most incredible muscle growth ever.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn:

My 10 Bodybuilding Commandments you Must Follow if You want to Achieve a great physique.



  • Why short (45 minute to 75 minute) sessions are more productive to muscle growth than 2 hour sessions. (Hint: It is anti catabolic to weight train using shorter workouts than longer ones as testosterone levels remain high).

  • A simple trick that enables you to burn 300% percent body fat. (This trick will literally burn the fat right in front of your eyes and increase your hgh levels to the max!).

  • A technique that tells you how many calories to eat for maximum muscle mass without the addition of fat and how to cycle calories to increase mass and lose fat at the same time!

  • How to avoid the plateau that comes when you begin to diet in order to lose body fat.

  • How much rest between sets will stimulate maximum muscle growth.

  • How to cycle your training to shoot your bodybuilding gains through the roof.

  • What is the best rep range to gain mass; the answer to this one will shock you!

  • How often should you train a body part.

  • Why taking periodic layoffs for training is counter productive.

  • Why you will get astonishing growth after three weeks on the program.

  • Why there is no such thing as a hard gainer.

  • The final explanation of why both high volume and high intensity training work.

  • What are the only four supplements you should be concerned with taking every day. (They are dirt cheap!)

  • Finally a day's diet showing you what foods to eat, when and how often for gaining muscle weight and losing fat.

  • What to eat when eating out.

  • What are the best exercises to gain muscle (No need for machines, fancy exercise equipment or even a gym membership!)

    And much MUCH more!

    Zoom Screen Shot
    According to the NY Post, a modified version of my program was even used by famous movie star and celebrity trainer Alonzo Cannon.

    When Alonzo had to whip the chain smoking out of shape Movie Star Colin Farrell into shape in double quick time for his most muscular movie outing in SWAT he chose to follow a modified version of my Body Re-Engineering program.

    Click on the thumbnail to the left to view the quick piece reported in the New York Post.

"I Gained 25lbs Of Muscle & Lost 35 Lbs of Fat"

  For many years I tried many systems on and off, but only got marginal results, which left me frustrated, and as a result, I would stop doing them.

Last year, when I decided to really get back in shape, I contacted my friend Hugo and he referred me to his Body -Re-Engineering system.

As soon as I started to do the Body Re-Engineering workouts and diet, I noticed that I was not only building massive muscles but started to lose body fat at a super accelerated rate! This kept me motivated and as a result I stuck to the system.

This system just blows everything else away! I gained over 25 lbs of Rock Solid Muscle and lost over 35 lbs of fat. In addition, these are permanent results and I just keep getting better and better. Nothing can compare to this and I can tell you that I've tried just about everything else out there.

Regards Samuel Santos.

So What Exactly Is Inside My BodyBuilding Manual?


My Body-Re-Engineering Manual is basically split up into 5 main parts.

Part #1 - Motivation , my 10 Bodybuilding Commandments & the Formula For Success

In this chapter I explain how one of the most overlooked components of long term success. Motivation, goal setting and the mental edge.

I give my 10 Bodybuilding Commandments you Must Follow if You want to Achieve a great physique. If everybody just followed these alone there would be a lot more muscle in the world.

But most importantly in this section I explain my formula for success.

S=D x (T+N+R)

Where S is the success that you will achieve with your program. D is the determination that you will need , T is the training you use, N is for the correct nutrition and R is for rest and recovery.

I explain exactly how to put this formula into practice and achieve the results I know your capable off.

Part #2 - Training - Weights & Cardio

Weight training is the no 1 way to complete change your physique, it will burn fat, build lean muscle tissue, increase your metabolism and increase your strength, flexibility (if done right) and your confidence.

I explain exactly how long your workout should be, how many reps you should do, how many sets you should do. How to be progressive but also how to cycle your training for maxi um results and to avoid plateaus.

I give you my most result producing workouts all laid out in simple tables, I give beginners routines right through to routines a pro bodybuilder could use with success.

I explain all the different types of techniques, such as strip sets, giant sets, superset's, modified compound sets and much more.

In addition I reveal the very best way to do your cardio to burn fat and increase your fitness whilst retaining lean muscle mass.

Part #3 - Bodybuilding Diet & Nutrition

My bodybuilding diet has been crafted and tweaked over many years to create what I believe is the ultimate diet for gaining mass or losing fat.

That's the beauty of my program, I fully explain how to use nutrition to either gain muscle or lose fat.

I reveal how to cycle calories the correct way to achieve massive muscle gains or massive fat loss.

This is not a one size fits all approach, they never work, in my manual I explain fully how each body type needs to eat to achieve each goal, whether your a Endomorph, Ecto or Meso I give exact diets for each type depending on your goals, I even have some pre made diets you can download in Excel or PDF format in the members area.

Part #4 - Supplements

To many people get tied up in taking supplements and thinking they can get away with so so nutrition and training , not so. Supplements will never make up for poor training or diet, they only help and assist the process of gaining muscle.

In addition pretty much all supplements apart from about 5 or so are basically overpriced and utterly useless.

In the supplement section I explain in detail the supplements that work, the only ones you should bother spending any money on and I show exactly how much, , when and how to use them and whether you really need to bother with them at all.

Part #5 - Rest & Recovery

Rest and recovery is a vital part of any bodybuilding program, it's vital that you understand how to increase your sleep and the quality of your sleep. How to cycle your workouts to increase your gains and stop plateaus.

I also explain about Soreness, DOMS, Injuries and much more.


Why I Decided to Reveal This Information

Up until now, the only way you could get this information is by living in Florida and paying me $200 an hour to train you, but nowadays between personal appearances, promotional work , bodybuilding competitions, my job at , and my other business ventures, I simply don't have the time to carry on personal training the way I did.

My current workload is huge, I came to the conclusion that the only way I could continue helping people who struggled like me to gain muscle and lose fat was to put my entire system down on paper and make it into a simple , concise and more importantly easy to apply system that people would see results from.

Skinny or Fat, I reveal how to Gain Muscle & Lose Fat

So that's what I did, and that's what you get with my Body Re-Engineering E-book. Now , whether your genetics are lousy or not , whether your skinny or fat you can pick up my manual and know exactly what to eat and how to train for serious muscle growth and fat loss.

My e-book is downloadable, you can order it immediately and have the information in your hands literally within 30 seconds of ordering, it's that quick.

Ok Hugo, Sounds Great
But How Much Does it All Cost?

For less than the cost of one bottle of supplements you will have permanent access to me, my complete manual and the most powerful muscle building program in existence.

Ok so you receive my BRE manual, for just $39.95. How can I do it so cheaply? Simple, everything is done online. I have no physical print costs for the manual and no costly shipping fees.

Plus You'll also receive the following 7 Bonuses
Worth Over $260.00


My 8 Week Special Get Lean Plan

A special bonus I've put together just for my Body Re-Engineering customers. My complete guide to creating a leaner you in just 8 weeks.

I use this system when I need to get in shape fast for a posing exhibition etc. It contains my full 'get lean quick' diet and training routine.

Value $19.95 Price to You - FREE!


The Magnificent Abs Routine

Abs, the holy grail for many. Over the last 15 years I've tried just about everything and in this bonus e-book I reveal exactly how I train my abs to get them looking as good as they do now.

Forget what you think you know about getting a six pack, this bonus e-book explains all.

Value $19.95 Price to You - FREE!


Ten of The Best

This is a nice little bonus I decided to throw in to sweeten the deal even further. I sat down one day and thought "what are the 10 most result producing articles I've ever written, the ones I got huge positive feedback from".

I then compiled them all, and had them made into a top quality PDF e-book that you will receive free when you order.

Value $19.95 Price to You - FREE!


Pre Made Diets & Workout Charts.

Sometimes your just to busy to make up your own diets. In the BRE manual I give you the foods to use, the amounts and when to eat but to make life even easier, what I've done is to create the diets for you on charts you can simply download at the click of a mouse button. This lets you just step directly into the BRE program without having to spend any time on figuring out what to eat.

Value $19.95 Price to You - FREE!


Online Exercise Video Database.

This is a great bonus. I hired a professional video artist to visit me at my gym and had dozens of exercises professionally recorded on to video. When you purchase BRE you will be given access to a special hidden members area where you will be able to watch me perform all the exercises in the BRE program in full colour video with sound. No need to be confused about exactly how to perform an exercise again.

Value $29.95 Price to You - FREE!


Special Bonus 6
Free Updates for life.

This is a killer bonus. Every time that I upgrade the Body Re-Engineering Manual you will have free access to download it for LIFE. No upgrade costs, or hidden subscription costs, just a guarantee from me to you that as soon as I update it you will be able to login to my private members area (See Below) and download the new version. There will be no need to purchase any future updates ever and you get value for life from your one off purchase.

Value $67.00 Price to You - FREE!


Special Bonus 7
LifeTime Support From Me!

Many programs simply have no support mechanism , they sell you a book and expect you to try and manage without any assistance. When you buy Body Re-Engineering, it's important to me that you succeed. My reputation is the online.

So completley FREE of charge I am offering personal support, you can ask me anything you need to about the program on a daily basis. I usually respond within 24 hours unless it's a holiday or a Sunday.

I will be there for you when you need to ask a question that's been bugging you, in essence it's like having me as a personal trainer for FREE!

Considering I charge $150 an hour for my phone consultations, that's one hell of a deal.

Value $99.00 Price to You - FREE!



LIFETIME Access to My Private Members Only Inner Circle Website

That's right when you order my BRE Manual you automatically get FREE LIFETIME access to my private members area.

  • Ask me any questions you want on my members only forum, and speak with my BRE program advisors.
  • Experience Live Chat and discuss the BRE program and your success with other BRE Customers.
  • Win The Chance for a 1 hour free phone consultation and a signed copy of one of my best selling books.
  • Download my Pre Made Diets & Workout Charts
  • Read Exclusive Members Only Articles

As soon as you place your order you will be immediately taken to the members area where you download your BRE Ebook , Bonus Ebooks, Pre Made Diets & Charts and gain access to me personally. A few minutes from now you will be able to view me doing dozens of exercises in real time video, or ask me a question on my private forum and get 1 on 1 mentoring and much more.

The Most Result Producing Muscle Building and Fat Loss Program You have EVER used or your Money Back - Guaranteed.

Ok, honestly , here's the bottom line. At $39.99 this is a no-brainer, seriously. The access to me on the forum is worth ten times that, I charge clients hundreds of $$$ an hour to get that kind of access to me.

However since I have my reputation to keep, I am offering an unconditional 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. A true 100%, no-questions-asked, money back offer.

I absolutely guarantee if you follow my program as I lay it out you will achieve insane muscle growth and slash your body fat, but if that's not for you that's fine by me. I don't want a single cent off you.

You can order in complete confidence, you have my word.

Sincerely Your Friend
Hugo Rivera
Best Selling Author and Natural Bodybuilding Champion
Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE.

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After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the BRE Members' Zone to download your e-book, all your bonus e-books, Pre Made Diets & Workout Charts and Access to My Private Forums where you can ask me questions directly.

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