April 15, 2010

Bodybuilding Routine for Beginners: Do’s and Don’ts

Starting a bodybuilding routine for beginners requires a lot of positive attitude on your end. You also need to remember that when you do bodybuilding, it only becomes a success if it is a mixture of many different things. To keep you guided, here are some of the usual do’s and don’ts you should observe when bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Routine for Beginners Do’s

Always do stretching and warm-ups – Since your muscles are currently used to normal use and effort prior to training, they can be overwhelmed when you immediately plunge into your workout. Aside from conditioning your muscles to do the workout activities, warm-ups also help stretch your ligaments and cartilages so that they can be more flexible to do your activities.

Engage in repetitive exercise – Doing a certain activity once or twice is not enough. The usual number of reps for any new workout is ten. After that, you should work to achieve more. There’s no stopping or slowing down. All you have to target is moving forward. If you find that you are having difficulty accomplishing your workout, maybe you have to tweak it a bit or empower your body to better prepare you to do it. Also, make sure you follow the schedule of your workout to the dot.

Have a change of diet – Remember that exercise alone won’t bring you the results you desire. You also have to observe proper diet and make sure it coincides with the activities that you do. Your diet should not deprive you of important nutrients, which is why it would be best to actually consult a nutritionist as you are creating your bodybuilding workout plan. This way, you can really identify the good energy-giving nutrients versus the ones you should do without.

Bodybuilding Routine for Beginners Don’ts

Don’t be impatient – If you feel that you have been doing so much already and yet you still can’t see the results, maybe your body just needs more time to develop. Keep in mind that we all have different ways of naturally coping with changes. What worked for other people may not necessarily work the same way for you. You are not Arnold so don’t go and try to copy his routine and end up overexerting yourself. Keep within the workout plan that was designed for you.

Don’t lose discipline – You should be consistent in all things you have in your workout plan. Whether it’s the schedule of your exercise, how many reps you have to do for an activity, or the food that you must eat during the entire workout plan, you have to be consistent. Sticking with the plan should be your mantra. You can’t push yourself when exercising and then continue to munch on the bad calories from fats and sugars right after. You need to watch yourself.

Don’t take supplements without proper advice – This is the most important thing to remember while training. As you get impatient and perhaps lose the discipline to accomplish your workout, you might stumble upon programs that tell you a certain tablet or protein shake is supposed to jump start your workout plan much faster. Well, don’t take any of these medications without proper consultation. Your body may turn out to be unfit to take on these new chemicals so instead of being a help, it might even turn out to be a disastrous decision.

Keeping a bodybuilding routine for beginners successful is mainly all about you.

Sure, you may have your professionals beside you—your doctor, nutritionist, and trainer—but in the end they can only so much. The success of your bodybuilding workout greatly depends on you alone

Bodybuilding Routine For Beginners

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