April 11, 2010

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle – The Vegan Way

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Lose Fat and Gain Muscle – For Vegetarians

Vegetarians or vegans, for short are people who take their nutrients by sourcing from fruits and vegetables only. They do not consume animal meat or products derived from them. If you are wondering whether it is possible for vegans to lose fat and gain muscle especially through bodybuilding training, the answer is yes. The only difference between meat-eaters and vegans is the source of their protein. For the vegan bodybuilder, they get their protein from plants while the typical bodybuilder gets them from animals. Here are the other facts on how to lose fat and gain muscle the vegan way.

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle with These Sources of Protein
For vegetarians to lose fat and gain muscle, they need a good source or protein. The nutrient comes from varied sources. It may come from animal and from plants. Whatever the source, the muscle mass created is the same. Since vegetarians take the protein from plants, good supplies come from beans, nuts, legumes, soy and tofu. Other green leafy vegetables and fruits can also provide the body with proteins. The vegetarian who wants to lose fat and gain muscle can indulge in these foods. There are even vegetarian meals that mimic the taste of regular meat. These are the veggie meat. These products have the same taste as the regular meats but come from plant produce only.

Quality of Protein
Some people believe that to lose fat and gain muscle, you need to take proteins from animals. However, contrary to this belief, proteins from plants are never more inferior. They are capable of building the same muscular figure you want. In fact, these are easier to digest than other types. Because of easier digestion, absorption is also better, thereby promoting building faster.

Positive Effects
Another positive effect of the vegan diet to lose fat and gain muscle is that the plants do not have as many associated health implications as the meat diet. Animal proteins are famous for causing an increase in cholesterol level, blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease. This is due to the misconception of some to indulge in any kind of meat, including the fatty part. In the vegan way, you get the same amount of raw materials but with less fat to cause the health problems. This makes the vegan bodybuilder have a healthier body, in and out.

There is no evidence that meat eaters are stronger than the vegetable eaters. The degree of strength does not depend on the source of nutrient. If you want to increase your strength, do resistance exercises. It includes weight lifting. You can lose fat and gain muscle by gradually increasing your workload as you progress with the training. Keep in mind that you cannot achieve your goal by stressing yourself with too heavy loads. Take it one-step at a time. Remember also to have rest in between your training to lose fat and gain muscle. Rest gives time for the body to recover and synthesize enough protein in anticipation for heavier loads. For both vegans and meat eaters, achieving an increase in strength is possible regardless of the source of their amino acids.

Food supplements especially whey or casein are both important for both bodybuilders. It does not matter whether you eat vegetable or beef. You both need more of the food group to sustain the high demands of the body. The supplement assists you to lose fat and gain muscle faster.

Lose fat and gain muscle is possible for a vegan.

As long as you have the same intense workout, you follow the diet plan and take rest in between, you goal is never impossible. Being a vegetarian is a choice and it should never be an excuse not to lose fat and gain muscle.

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